MR DOMINIQUE BOULAY, CERULE Independent Business Partner

I am an international distributor of CERULE products.

I completely canceled my partnership with Stemtech and became a partner CERULE bringing very high quality ingredients.

The range includes: Stemenhance Ultra, Plasmaflo, Cyactiv.

GREG NEWMAN is the CEO of CERULE, CHRISTIAN DRAPEAU is the Scientific Director, author of the book "Le pouvoir insoupçonné des cellules souches".

Klamath Alga (AFA) is one of the ingredients of our products recognized as the most complete food on the market Privileged.

Possibility for our customers to purchase their products at lower cost.

Possibility to become a distributor of our product range...

Consulting, training and support for your success.


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International distributor of CERULE products, ID : 2271596

Our passion is your quality of life.